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Case Studies

At cre8 we have been fortunate enough to work with an array to clients ranginging from individuals to large companies. The one thing they all have in common is they need help within their specific circumstances. We have put togther some of our clients stories and how we helped them gain a better understanding of their own situation and the solutions we provided. 


Squirrelling with no plan

We have gathered policies and investments over the years and now we need to really understand what we have and what it will do for us and our family


Help for a Widow 

Since my husband died I simply have no trusted decision partner. I have so little confidence and find money matters so confusing. I need someone patient.



A divorcees dilemma

Because I was never that involved with the finances I simply don’t have enough knowledge to know what to do.


Business couple with no exit strategy 

I have been so busy building up my business I have lost focus on what assets and policies I have and why I have them and whether I have enough to retire.