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How we do it

We use a four stage process with new clients to ensure they fully understand what they have, how it is working for them and where their path is leading them. Although the steps below are to demonstrate how we work with clients, it would be true to say every clients journey is different and that is always to be celebrated.



Step 1: Foundation

  • Getting to know you
  • You getting to know us




Step 2: Focus

  • What do you have?
  • What does your            “Money Flow”TM look like?








Step 3: Future

  • How far will it take you?
  • Are you building wealth or running out of money?


Step 4: Financial Reviews   and monitoring

  • What things are important to you in the future?
  • How to protect your wealth?



Areas that  typically fall into financial planning:

For Individuals:

Lifestyle Financial Planning

Financial Planning for Widows and Divorcess

Investment Planning

Inheritance Tax Planning

Tax and Trust Planning

Pension and Retirement Planning

Life Assurance and Protection

Wills and Power of Attorney

For Business Owners:

Death in Service

Group Income Protection

Group Critical Illness

Corporate Pension Schemes – including Auto Enrolment

Business Consultancy